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A collection of the most useful manuals and guidelines on development project management. These resources provide expert, insights and step-by-step instructions to manage the different elements of a development project from the design to the evaluation phases.


pdf A Guide to the PMDPro1 Popular


Download (pdf, 2.90 MB)


The Guide to PMD PRO1 provides an introductory, platform-independent exploration of the principles and terminology of project management within the context of the international development sector. It is intended for an audience that includes:  Project managers and team members who are new to project management;  Project managers and team members who are new to the international development sector;  International development sector professionals who intend to pursue professional credentials in project management; Consultants/contract staff operating in the international development sector.

pdf DME Guidebook - Mercy Corps Popular


Download (pdf, 306 KB)


A comprehensive guide on Design Monitoring and Evaluation of NGO projects. Developed by Mercy Corps

pdf Facts For Projects - GTZ Popular


Download (pdf, 152 KB)


This guideline deals with some general and practical information on projects, and focuses on the project cycle and standardization processes in order to ensure quality project management.

pdf Guide for NGO's Project Preparation and Management - EuroAid Popular


Download (pdf, 322 KB)


The objective of this guide is to provide a set of tool that help identify the main steps necessary for smooth preparation of project proposal and sound management of awarded projects.

pdf Guide for Project Proposal - IPPF Popular


Download (pdf, 478 KB)


This guide unites the processes of project design and proposal writing for two purposes: to help you design a project that is results-oriented and that will appeal to donors. The guide is aimed at organizations seeking funding for a medium- to large-size project; however,some of the suggestions in the guide are also useful when developing a concept paper or smaller project. In this guide, we introduce tools for designing a project and focus on integrating monitoring and evaluation from the beginning. We also describe what sections to include in the proposal, give examples, and provide tips on what donors are looking for. IPPF

pdf Handbook for Emergencies - UN Popular


Download (pdf, 2.07 MB)


This revised and updated Handbook stresses the importance of pre-emergency planning, as well as planning throughout every stage of a crisis. It focuses on setting coordination priorities, as well as contingency and operational planning.

pdf Logical Framework Approach – DANIDA Popular


Download (pdf, 3.68 MB)


The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) is a tool for managing development processes. LFA can be used simply to structure and create an overview of complex projects on a single sheet of paper. Or, as advocated in this manual, LFA can be used to foster commitment to transparent, structured, participatory and flexible development.

pdf Manual of Project Management - GTZ Popular


Download (pdf, 264 KB)


This manual comprises the management of projects as a method of intervention in development processes with emphasis on the development of knowledge, skills and techniques. Developed by GTZ

pdf Object Oriented Project Planning ZOPP Popular


Download (pdf, 972 KB)


Used for all types of projects for which clear objectives and outputs can be defined and applied throughout all stages of project preparation and implementation.

pdf Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Transference - SAC Popular


Download (pdf, 419 KB)


These guidelines Presents the framework of the PEMT concept, and should help in getting a general idea of the basic principles of planning, monitoring , evaluation and transference into action, Swiss Agency for Cooperation.

pdf Project Cycle Handbook - THF Popular


Download (pdf, 560 KB)


This handbook is a compilation of the project cycle method, it is also a good reference document for the planning, programming, monitoring, evaluation, capitalization and readjustment processes. This handbook can be used as a teaching aid for project cycle training. developed by Terre des Hommes Foundation.

pdf Project Cycle Management - FAO Popular


Download (pdf, 1.29 MB)


This manual brings together project management practices by drawing on other theoretical perspectives and methods including project cycle management, the logical framework, rapid appraisal techniques, participatory approaches, and gender analysis and stakeholder identification. The Developed by the FAO.

pdf Project Cycle Management - Osst-Europa Popular


Download (pdf, 100 KB)


This is a trainer guide about the basic elements and steps of project cycle management as a crucial element in the successful operation of NGOs. This will aid NGOs in planning and organizing projects, mobilizing people, and coordinating activities. This guide is designed to serve to the trainer as a guide to the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience, in order to lead the group in the preparation of a successful project management plan. Developed by Osst-Europa  

pdf Project Cycle Management - TearFund Popular


Download (pdf, 912 KB)


This guide presents the PCM, a term given to the process of planning and managing projects, programmes and organizations. based around a project cycle, which ensures that all aspects of projects are considered throughout the project cycle. Developed by TearFund.

pdf Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework Toolkit – Equal Popular


Download (pdf, 842 KB)


This toolkit is based on project cycle management (PCM) and logical framework methodology. This is widely used around the world by many leading development agencies. This toolkit will: explain PCM and how you can use it to design and implement projects; explain how to build a logical framework to help partners discuss and think through all the implications; put all the main elements into a simple plan; and explain some best practice techniques for project management. Developed by Equal

pdf Project Cycle Management Guidelines – EuroAid Popular


Download (pdf, 3.23 MB)


These Guidelines have been prepared to support ongoing improvements in the quality of EC development assistance. The Guidelines aim to support good management practices and effective decision making throughout the project management cycle – from programming, through to identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation. The Guidelines aim to promote consistency and clarity of approach, while allowing for the operational flexibility required of a dynamic and diverse external assistance programme. EuroAid 

pdf Project Cycle Management Handbook - EuropeAid Popular


Download (pdf, 2.54 MB)


This handbook complements the PCM manual  published in March 2001. While the manual spells out the PCM principles, this handbook provides hands-on practical advice on the phases of the cycle. Sector programmes and sector-wide approaches (SWAP) are also considered in this handbook, but the handbook’s main focus is on project and programme cycle management.. Developed by EuropeAid-Evaluation Unit

pdf Project cycle management toolkit - Local Livelihoods Popular


Download (pdf, 926 KB)


The toolkit is a practical workbook on how to design, develop, manage, monitor and evaluate regeneration and development projects. It provides best practice techniques for all aspects of project management that are supported by diagrams, templates and illustrations. F. Spreckley, Local Livelihoods

pdf Project Design in the Context of the Project Cycle Management - WWF Popular


Download (pdf, 1.05 MB)


This sourcebook aims to provide participants in the training course in Project Design in the context of Project Cycle Management with background materials for the course, and the essential tools with which to apply the techniques and approaches of Project Cycle Management to project design and implementation during the course of their work with WWF. 

pdf Project Management Handbook for CBO - IDASA Popular


Download (pdf, 147 KB)


This notebook is an introduction to the principles and an easy-to-use resource. The notebook tries to put project management principles into a language that CBOs can use. Developed by IDASA

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