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> Manuals and Guidelines for NGOs

A collection of the most useful manuals and guidelines on development project management. These resources provide expert, insights and step-by-step instructions to manage the different elements of a development project from the design to the evaluation phases.


pdf Project Management Handbook – Novartis Popular


Download (pdf, 680 KB)


The purpose of the handbook is to orient and guide project managers of the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (NFSD) and of our partner organizations. The handbook supports project managers in their daily work, providing some background information on project management as well as specific procedures, norms and methods. The handbook is therefore a working tool, rather than a policy or strategic document

pdf Project Manual – UNEP Popular


Download (pdf, 2.82 MB)


This manual is designed to assist and guide project managers, programme officers and fund management officers to formulate high -quality projects and activities that effectively promote the mandate and mission of UNEP. The manual aims to assist project management by setting out procedures and requirements for project preparation, approval, revision, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation. The end-results aimed at are projects that comply with the UNEP mandate, are focused and effective, and have substantial and sustainable longterm impacts.

pdf Tools for Development – DFDI Popular


Download (pdf, 488 KB)


A handbook for those engaged in development activity.  Tools for Development draws together a range of techniques designed to help development owrkers undertake development activities and interventions of any size and kind. Many of the skills outlined , such as those relating to teamworking, facilitating group activity, influencing and negotiating, or conflict reduction,  will prove particularly useful when engaged in team-based and multi-disciplinary work that is becoming increasingly the means by which  development activity is delivered. Developed by DFID

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