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eCourse - Results-Based Project Management


Student Feedback - Course Results-Based Project Management


Awesome Course!

George Wafula, Options Consultancy Limited - Kenya

"I highly recommend this course. You will learn a lot about Results-Based Management in project management context."

Perla Pineda Bojorges, ICAO - Canada

“PM4DEV is always on point, as also in this RBPM course. I think PM4DEV is a practical learning centre for development work and I will not only recommend this course to others, but I will always come back to update my skill set."

Abdul Razak Mohammed, Oxfam International, Ghana - Ghana

“ The Result-Based Project Management course was really what I needed to boost my skills and efficiency as a Project Officer. The fact that it's specific to international development projects was key, in that way I could start applying some of the practices immediately. Whether you've been at it for years or are just starting out, I highly recommend this course for anyone whose assignments include Project Management!”

Alea Kagoyire,  - Burundi

“The course was well-structured and stimulated the regular engagement.  The lessons were clear and simple. The literature and reading material were well-selected and enriched the knowledge of the topic."

Valeria E. Pujia,  - Italy

“The only valuable asset in which we need, and we can invest in is knowledge, every day is an opportunity for you and I to learn more, therefore take time to resource yourself as I did by taking this training, you will enjoy and keep coming back for such learning experience. Thanks guys for your support during this learning experience."

Paul Mwanga Bozenge, ILU-Burundi - Burundi

“The course was well conducted and the way it is conducted is fun and makes you understand the subject quite easily."

Alban Rodrigue Tapsoba,  - United States

"I really enjoyed the course. It allowed me to organize my studies in accordance with my professional obligation in such a way, that I was able to be fully concentrated on the topic, whenever it suited me. What made it an excellent learning experience was, that the theory was presented in a brief and compressed manner, but always to the point - the presentations and training material provided will certainly guide me further through my professional career."

Franz Prutsch, Int. Organization for Migration - Egypt

"I was inspired to take this course after reading an RFP requesting RBPM. This course not only helped me to understand what is Result-Based Project Management, but it helped me to understand the methodology as well. I was definitely elevated to a new level and approach on how to manage projects more effectively by measuring results rather than activities."

Pat Christian, Caleb Missionary Relief Services - United States

“I am extremely pleased with the Results Based Project Management course. The knowledge and skills that I developed will be put to good use in my monitoring and evaluation projects. I gained incredibly valuable insights from the interactions with my classmates in the forums. The high level of expertise and experience among my classmates was impressive. I gained useful insight from my fellow classmates. The resources the course provides are a treasure trove of examples and best practices for achieving results.  I enjoyed the RBPM course immensely."

Susie Baker, Branch Out Leadership for Teens (BOLT) - United States

“I really appreciated the way the course was given, the participation of everyone in the different forums helped us to have a better understanding of what is the Result Base management project.”

Christian Ekeba, Airtel DRC - Democratic Republic of the Congo


“This course has been helped me get a clear understand of Results Based Management. I am confident that I will be able to identify, implement and successfully manage results based projects in my current job.”

Helena Chandwe, Private Enterprise Programme Zambia - Zambia

“Well-designed modules and contents. Excellent presentation with lectures. Good opportunity for people like me to enhance my skills and knowledge on Development project management. Wishing you to extend for many professionals.”

Augustine Savariyar, Oxfam GB - Sri Lanka

“RBPM is a very insightful course. It's particularly very relevant for development workers who are mandated to show results of program interventions”

Bahati Alexi Tumusiime, KIM University - Rwanda

“It was a great opportunity to participate in this course.”


“Thanks for the course (RBPM), the learning platform was well organized, which brought about participatory learning during the course period. The resource materials are very useful for future reference.  Thanks”

Samuel D. Woods Sr., Liberian Red Cross - Liberia

“I have been in the project management for a while, I have been routinely managing my project based on the funder's requirements. Having taken this course, I have been empowered with the new approach of managing project based on the beneficiary need. Results based project management  is not just a course but a real tool to effectively manage the projects, I will definitely recommend my colleagues managers to take this course in order to give transparency and credibility to the projects we intend to deliver with the best outcomes.”

Roger Kabuya , LIHC - Canada

“This course is properly conceived and well planned. It is designed for anyone in project management who does not know struggling to meet the needs of the beneficiaries and stakeholders, as well as the requirements of the donor”

Asa D. Chon, Liberian Red Cross - Liberia

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