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news-04Effective Project Management

An advanced level course that will give you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while satisfying the needs of stakeholders. You will learn the key management processes required to deliver consistent results in a development project. Read more...

news-05Fundamentals of Project Management

This course is a comprehensive introduction to development project management. Designed for people who want to build or increase their skills in project management and who work or are looking to work with international development organizations. Read more...


Project Design Monitoring and Evaluation

This is an introductory level course on the fundamentals of the DM&E Cycle with practical applications of concepts and methods. This course will give you an understanding of the most common processes, tools and techniques needed to monitor and evaluate a project. Read more...


news-02Adaptive Project Management

This course presents the project management lifecycle of initiating, planning, implementing, monitoring, adapting and closing a projecct successfully. This course will teach you all the concepts, methods and best practices to help you become a better project manager. Read more...

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Project management maturity is the progressive development of an organization-wide project management approach, methodology, strategy and decision-making process. The appropriate level of maturity varies for each organization based on specific goals, strategies, resource capabilities, scope and needs.

A Development Project Management Maturity Model™  (DPM3™) refers to the basic steps that a development  organization can take to achieve excellence in project management. The key benefits of improving an organization’s project management maturity are increased efficiency, performance benefits, and donor satisfaction. To assess an organization’s project management maturity, the performance of the organization in various project management knowledge areas is evaluated using various tools.

PM4DEv's maturity model is a tool exclusively designed  for identifying areas where an organization's project management processes may need improvement. The PM3 provides guidance to an organization regarding how to:

  • Articulate project success
  • Measure project performance
  • Make the delivery of projects more predictable
  • Help projects work together instead of against each other in a multi-project environment.

Our Assessment Model

Our maturity assessments help organizations understand their position in relation to the maturity levels listed below:

  • Level 1 – Awareness - The organization has no project management processes. Project Managers that are successful reach that point based on their own skill and drive and not because of a project management system in the organization.
  • Level 2 – Understanding - The organization is able to identify the basic elements of project management but has limited structured approach to dealing with them across all projects. Most critical processes are ad hoc. There is an aware of project management, but the organization hasn’t yet taken steps to formalize it.
  • Level 3 - Adoption - There are some areas that are beginning to use a standard approach to project management but there is no consistency of approach across the organization.
  • Level 4 - Execution - There is a consistent set of repeatable standard processes being used across the organization with clear process ownership. A best practice process has been developed and rolled out to the applicable organization with initial project manager training.
  • Level 5 - Performance - The organization monitors and measures its process efficiency, with active interventions to improve the way it delivers based largely on evidence or performance based information.
  • Level 6 - Excellence - The organization can focus on optimization of its quantitatively managed processes to take into account changing needs and external factors.

Where your organization sits on the maturity model is one of the biggest key factors in leading change that will determine your chances of success. The PM3 tool diagnoses the health of project management in your organization. It helps us identify strategic strengths and weaknesses which are then used to develop a prescriptive action plan for improving the health of your project management efforts by objectively assess your project management capabilities against key processes of a mature project management methodology.

Our Approach 

With each client assignment, we follow a detailed approach to ensure the recommendations are going to address the critical areas identified by the client. Our typical assessment sessions include the following steps:

  • Session 1: Project Management Assessment 
  • Session 2: Identifying root causes and desired capabilities 
  • Session 3: Analyzing potential solutions
  • Session 4: Recommending long-term strategy & roadmap
  • Session 5: Identifying short-term opportunities
  • Session 6: Development of recommendations and next steps

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to have a complete assessment of your organization’s present status, and guided by our methodology, workshop participants produce a complete “project plan” for attaining organizational mastery of project management. This highly focused workshop will thoroughly prepare your participants to take project management to higher levels and put into action their new skills.


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PM4DEV can deliver flexible solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our consulting services will enable you to quickly take advantage of the many benefits of our project management methodology. By teaming with us, you will diminish implementation risk, ensure user adoption, and maximize your overall investment in PM4DEV solutions.
PM4DEV consultants understand how you do your work, we're uniquely positioned to help you achieve measurable success by utilizing a unified approach that combines:
  • Reliability . PM4DEV works closely with you to ensure a successful project outcome. Our job isn't finished until we've achieved your goals.
  • Expertise . No one understands PM4DEV products like the people who build them. PM4DEV consultants have the necessary knowledge and resources to guarantee your project success.
  • Methodology . Our proven processes and methodology were developed during successful engagements allowing PM4DEV professionals to work with maximum speed to efficiency.
Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on consulting services. Or schedule an interview with one of our representatives
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