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► PM Workshops

news-04Project Management Workshops are an ideal method to get the most out of your project management performance development efforts.  As with all of our offerings, these can be customized to meet your exact needs. With hands-on practice to put these tools to work on your projects.

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► PM Consulting

news-05PM4DEV Consulting Services can help your organization improve project performance with time-tested approaches that have been implemented in hundreds of organizations. Our consulting services include: Project Management Maturity Assessment, Performance Measurement, Change Management, Project Management Office, and Knowledge Management

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► PM Training

news-01We offer customized training courses and workshops designed to develop the skills, knowledge and practice needed to build the competence required to manage projects successfully. Contact us to know more about your needs and our professionals will send you a free quote.

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► PM Systems

news-03We offer solutions that range from web to network (server/client) based solutions that allow the entire project team to interact with the system and reduce the time to process information. Our Project Management Solutions are customized to meet the needs of any project or program.


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► New Online Course

news-02We have updated our ecourse Fundamentals of  Project Management for Development. The new course is includes discussion forums and coaching session with the instructor. The course last two weeks and will be based on the textbook "Fundamentals of Project Management".

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Thank you to all who have sent us feedback, your words are a source of inspiration and keep us committed to continue our work. At PM4DEV, we keep a close ear to the ground to listen to what our customers have to say. We like to hear about how you're using the service, what you like about it, and how you think we could make it better. Keep your feedback coming in, and visit our site for more examples of how we're using your feedback to help plan the improvements. 


  • " I was working as health program Officer for Save the Children USA/Ethiopian country office and now attending masters in the same area of study in Sweden. I am really interested to have my capacity built in good project management skill and knowledge. I am ready to go back and join the organization soon after I complete my study. Thank you in advance for the opportunity you give me." Israel Ossana.
  • "I appreciate your efforts to bring Project Management skills online. It is not only a rewarding but also a convenient strategy for on the job training." Felicitas Nadimo.
  • "I Am currently working as a program coordinator for the above mentioned
    organization. getting such skills will improve my professional prowess. This is a great opportunity for me that i feel that i should not miss" Emilian Manishimwe.
  • "I work for the above Technical Assistance Program that supports the State Ministry of Education in Southern Sudan. However the program is technical managed by AED. Sharing your Project management materials to be used at the state ministries enhance their capacity to better manage their education programs. Thank you very much for sharing this information" Joyce Yawa.
  • "I would like to congratulate PM4DEV for this brilliant initiative in introducing a free ecourse on PM. I look forward to learning new ideas by going through the different course modules " Lekan Williams
  • "This is a welcomed development in the development world " Ezekiel Dariya.
  • "It is a commitment in the right direction as most civil society actors lack the capacity to undertake and manage their resources and cooperation." Ade Tarsoo.
  • "Its a great initiative. Keep up the good work...cheers." Sumeet Naik.
  • "I am working as Monitoring and Evaluation for country program and also supporting team on program design and formulating and monitoring of intervention. This training would really help me on gaining more knowledge on the topics. I have been working in development sector for 12 years and wanted to learn more." Dipendra Dhah
  • "I appreciate your initiative to build capacities in areas of project management free of cost. This significantly help staff of local NGOs facing financial shortage to invest on staff development Thanks for the opportunity."Angaw Nurlign.
  • "I work as Programs Coordinator and am very grateful to PM4DEV for the free online course. I am certain it shall be of greatest help to me personally and my organisation as a whole. " Robert Mukwiza Sakutaha.
  • "This is a very exciting programme and i am very interested because I am involved in day to day project management." Godfrey Phiri.
  • "I'm very interested to learn your modules. And it's more exciting because it's free! This is a great help to a development work practitioner like me who, most of the time have no luxury of availing opportunities such as these due to some financial constraints. Thank you PM4DEV! More power." Rezeil Tugawin.
  • "I am happy to let you know that I got your contact from a friend of mine. I have been searching online free courses on Project management and Monitoring and evaluation. Thanks to you, here you are by my side to extend me a very useful support to fulfill my dream, being a project manager. " Sintayehu Almaw.
  • "Thank you for this innovative idea as it helps some of us who can't afford to take this courses from management institute,as being so costly." Ssozi Henry.
  • "Thank you for your wonderful job done to equip social development leaders with the necessary knowledge for effective implementation of their development projects." Ssozi Henry.
  • "The course will assist us to manage the various ICT & Accounting Projects for youth empowerment. Your site is a valuable resource for REDI while promoting rural economic development." Zanele Sithole.
  • "This course is needed by all organization managers and project implementers. More marketing would make many benefit." Martin Ogwang
  • "The concept is laudable and I commend the team effort in bringing ecourses closer to the professionals". Ime Samuel-Etukudoh
  • "This course is very useful to all managers and not only area managers. It should be opened to all. I did the course and enjoyed and I am in Human Resource and Admin. Dept." Philip Selim
  • "The idea of this course is a splendid one, the free access is something else. I will wish you continue this way, so that others in least developed countries could also afford to get knowledge ". Charles Aondoaseer Hemba
  • "I highly recommend that his course be offered at higher levels online beyond the certificate ones. Please consider scaling up the online course to higher academic modular based courses". Patrick Okello Okumu-Omony
  • "Providing certificate of completion to trainees will encourage the potential trainees. it is a good start to provide certificates, keep it up ". Seifu Gebreyohannes
  • "As it is, the way you have presented the course is already better than compared to other online courses available ". Ophelia Bernal
  • "I am in project management since last two years, but I was not fully aware of project management processes and project phases. After learning this course, I am able to identify which phase of project I am in and what should I emphasis, how the knowledge areas interrelate with each other. I now fully understand what is more important than the other during project management cycle ". Krishan Lal Khatri
  • "Thanks so much for providing the course. I have recommended it to a professor in a local college for use in the international development program. I think it would be an excellent course for the students to do during their semester. " Susan Van Lopik"Good idea to build capacity in project management will make a difference in the developing world. Thank you. " Pule Ramataboe


Thank you,

The PM4DEV Team

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